Meeting on working class politics (August 30-31, 2014), New Delhi

In the last two meetings we focused on the question of labour process and its relation to forms of politics: in that context electronics and change in labour process connected to it have gotten much attention. Continuing with these threads we propose the following sessions for the meeting to be held on August 30-31, 2014.

Session 1: Labour Process Today

Instead of focusing on the change in the labour process we look at specific experiences (case studies) of work in various sectors. We propose that special attention be given to how worker-worker relations are structured in various sectors. Each experience is to be articulated in a fifteen minute segment with comments and discussions following. Instead of discussing sectors in isolation we look at analogies and linkages.

Session 2: Self activity and Politics

In the light of a new labour process and new labour relations what forms of self-activity emerge? Once again focus should be on specific cases and experiences and positions on questions of organization are to be grounded on these specific, current experiences. What is the meaning of self-activity and what are the specific forms that it takes in different work-spaces.

Session 3: Positions

This session calls on participants to present their position on questions discussed in the previous sessions in a more conceptual and, if needed, a less experiential register. Related issues may also be included on these presentations: eg. Questions of organization, spontaneity etc.

Session 4:

For this specific session we suggest that we discuss the relation between education and work. We ask participants to talk about their school/college/ITI/training experiences in relation to how these experiences prepared them for work: disciplining, segmentation, skills. How have they participated in making us into workers? What parallels, continuities can be seen between education work they did and the work they did later?

Proposed by: The University  Worker

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