Rockman and Satyam Auto workers continue their struggle despite the state’s insensitivity and brutality

Shankar Gopalakrishnan

At the moment the struggle of the Rockman and Satyam Auto workers in Dehradun continues. The 11 hunger strikers continue to resist forcefeeding though they have been forced into accepting drips for now. The way in which they were forced to do that should be apparent from the photos below, which were taken after the beating of these hunger strikers on Thursday night. It takes a special level of brutality to beat a group of extremely weak hunger strikers into submission.

It is understood that the DG of Police today informed a workers’ delegation (accompanied by representatives of Inquilab Mazdoor Kendra and Uttarakhand Nav Nirman Mazdoor Sangh) that he has directed an inquiry into this violence.

Meanwhile, the Uttarakhand government has shown no interest in holding the companies accountable.


  1. What is happening in uttarakhand?

    Why is not govt taking action for management.

    Where is media for this matter?

    Please save tife of these workers.


  1. […] late last week after being severely beaten on the night of April 19th and forcibly put on drips (see photos here), tearing out the drips, and being threatened with further beatings. The workers decided on this […]

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