MSEU: On the settlement between Maruti Suzuki management and workers representatives

release: 2nd October

After a long struggle since August 29th and many rounds of negotiations, a settlement has been inked between the management of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., IMT Manesar, and the workers representatives on 30th September 2011. The important thing in the settlement is that of the 62 workers, the 18 trainee workers have been taken back on duty. Of the 44 permanent workers, the termination has been revoked for the 15 workers, and now all 44 are on suspension with a legal process of enquiry that will take it course. We on our part reiterate that the pending charge-sheet are false and shall be defeated. The settlement binds us to a salary deduction for the period of struggle with a no-work no-pay rule. However the most important thing in the entire phase of standoff is the strength of the workers as a united force, which still stands unfazed and we shall come back in struggle and on duty.

With this settlement, the management-worker disagreement ends for the interim. We shall carry forth our part of the duty of production, and also ask the management to keep its promise, as set in the settlement, that it shall not take any action on the workers with bad faith or with vengeance. We thank all the central and independent trade unions, the workers in the Gurgaon-Dharuhera-Manesar-Bawal belt, and from across the country and beyond, as well as individuals concerned with our struggle, who have stood by us and lend us support in various ways. It is this strength and our unity that stands unwavering with us which is the inspiration we hold on for the time to come.

Maruti Suzuki Employees Union

President: Sonu Kumar
General Secretary: Shiv Kumar

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