Condemn the murderous attack on workers in Gorakhpur

We strongly condemn the murderous attack on workers who attended the May Day rally in Delhi by factory owners in Gorakhpur

New Delhi, 3 May – We strongly condemn the murderous attack on workers who attended the May Day rally in Delhi to hand over their charter of demands to the government by factory owners in Gorakhpur and demand immediate intervention by the Uttar Pradesh and central govt. to punish the guilty.

Around 2000 factory workers had come to Delhi to take part in the May Day rally. When hundreds of workers of Ankur Udyog Ltd. returned to their work this morning they were stopped by a notorious criminal Pradeep Singh and his goons hired by the factory owners who first beat the workers and then started firing in which at least 20 workers were seriously injured. The condition of one worker is critical who has a bullet lodged in his spine and has been sent to the medical college. 18 workers are admitted to the district hospital.

This well-planned attack had the full complicity of the civil administration and police who are working shamelessly on the behest of the local BJP MP Yogi Adityanath. The police escorted the attackers outside the factory premises and let them escape.

This incident is one more example of the despotic and anti-worker attitude of the Uttar Pradesh govt. The convening committee of the Workers Charter Movement warns that if immediate action is not taken against the mill owners and criminals who have spilt the blood of workers and the officials who are defending them, this issue will be raised among workers throughout the country and workers from different parts of India will go to Gorakhpur to start a militant protest.

There will be a massive protest against this attack on 5 May, Thursday at the Uttar Pradesh Bhavan at 11 AM.

— for, Convening Committee

Workers’ Charter Movement – 2011

For further information, please contact:

Abhinav, Ph: 9999379381, Email:

Satyam, Ph: 9910462009, Email:

For an English translation of the Workers’ Charter and more info, please visit:

Following are some links of the news from independent sources:


  1. pranshu says:

    that yogi adityanath was complicit in this dastardly act should come as no surprise. we all knew all along that the bjp -rss are infact fascists who are hand in glove with the capitalists of this country. congress and bjp are the two sides of the same coin, right wing fascists/populists

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