Leader of War Mongerers, Looters and Exploiters of world people, US President Obama Go Back!


Dear Friends,

At a time when US imperialism has escalated the war against Afghanistan and is even extending this war by assaults by NATO forces led by it against northern districts of Pakistan, leader of warmongers, looters and exploiters of the world people, President of USA, Barack Obama, will visit India in early Nov. 2010. Since Obama came to power, US forces have increased their numbers several times over in Afghanistan. There are innumerable proven instance of deliberate targeting of innocent civilians by these forces in the name of “targeted” attacks on “enemy”. In essence, US imperialism under Obama administration is continuing the Bush era attempt of a permanent base in Afghanistan from where it will interfere in central Asia. India should be in the forefront of opposing the US move. Let us use the opportunity of Obama’s visit to strongly demand that US and NATO forces immediately withdrawn from Afghanistan.

It was 2001 that US imperialism under Bush had launched its current war, which the world people were told was against ‘terrorism’. War was launched first against Afghanistan and later against Iraq. In reality wars were launched to further the quest of US imperialism for hegemony over the world’s oil resources and also to establish military dominance over the world.

In essence, the Obama administration is continuing the aims of Bush era but it has changed rhetoric. US under Obama has made a mockery of his promises of withdrawal of forces from Iraq, keeping a huge army stationed there in the name of ‘aid’ to local troops. While Afghanistan is the main theatre of war, US continues a sharply aggressive stance on West Asia and Central Asia. On Palestine, Obama has no policy different from the earlier one and continues backing Israel against the just fight of the Palestinian people.

The current world economic crisis began in US and the US economy continues to be in the grip of severe unemployment. One of the chief ends of the Obama visit is to push further opening of the markets of our country. He is expected to give a massive push for opening of the retail sector to US MNCs like Wal-Mart, which will directly affect the livelihood of a large section of our people, and which step the Indian people have resisted all along. All this even as Obama administration seeks to protect US markets back home. Obama is championing opposition to outsourcing by US companies; those companies which outsource are to face stiffer taxes. It is also no secret that Obama is going to use the occasion of his visit to push for fresh defence deals with US, aiding the powerful weapon industry. Ahead of Obama visit Indian government has signed the international nuclear liability treaty to dilute the liability of suppliers as stated by Nuclear Liability Act 2010. This is in accordance with the demands of US companies. Let us not forget that Obama administration, like previous US govts, has refused to reconsider the issue of extradition of Warren Anderson, guilty of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, for trial in India.

Obama is coming at a time when ruling classes of India have hitched themselves firmly to the chariot wheel of US imperialism. They aspire to the junior hegemons under US in Central Asia. Ruling classes of India are committed to bowing to the diktats of US imperialism in the economic spaces too. As it is the people of India are reeling under the pro imperialist policies of India’s ruling classes especially the new economic policies being implemented since 1991. The result is visible in the severe price rise which is burdening the common people including the working class. Severe agricultural crisis has gripped the country. Land acquisition by the state for cooperates; MNCs and SEZs have devastated last sections of the peasantry and tribal. Privatization and liberalization are putting health and education further out of reach of common masses. People all over country are resisting these policies in various ways. The furtherance of pro imperialist policies, which is what the Obama visit will signify, will increase the burdens on the common people.

On the occasion of President Obama’s visit to India, let us unitedly demand

US imperialism, Get out of Afghanistan.
Send back Warren Anderson to face trial in India

CPI(M-L), CPI(M-L) New Democracy, CPI(M-L) New Proletariat, Democratic Students Union, Indian Council of Trade Unions, Indian Federation of Trade Unions, Inqlabi Majdoor Kendra, Krantikari Yuva Sangathan, Mool Pravah Akhil Bharatiya Nepali Ekata Samaj, Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan, Progressive Democratic Students Union, Revolutionary Democratic Front, Trade Union Centre of India, CPDM, Bahujan Vam Manch


  1. i support the call to protest
    i will be at the demonstration

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