Kalinga Nagar: Chandia Police Firing

Part 1: Some footage of the police firing at Chandia village on 12 May 2010 that caused the death of Lakhman Jamuda, aged 55, and an active member of Bisthapan Birodhi Janmanch.

Part 2: Nephew of Lakhsman Jamuda, who was killed in the firing on 12 May 2010, speaks about the mysterious disappearance of the dead body.

Courtesy: Samadrusti


  1. Shelly Rai says:

    We do not want any more agitation. We only want Kalinganagar to be a developed city. This is an appeal from the local people. For details please check http://www.kalinganagar.com/pdf/members-of-kalinganagar-orissa.pdf


  1. […] This is an interview with the nephew of the man killed (both are courtesy of Radical Notes): […]

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