Join Demonstration (April 1 2010) against TATA sponsored Orissa Govt’s attack on Kalinganagar

CPI(ML) New Democracy
Delhi Committee


Adding to its criminal assault on the tribals of Kalinganagar on January 2, 2006 and continuous encirclement of the area since then killing, maiming and framing the people in false cases, the Naveen Pattnaik’s armed police along with hired armed goons of TATA have launched a serious armed attack on the tribals of Kalinganagar from 30th morning. Since morning firing by the police has injured over a dozen, four of them seriously. This criminal armed assault has been launched to force the tribals to hand over their land to TATA.

The assault has been coming for days. 26 platoons of Orissa State Armed Police (OSAP) and 2 platoons of the special Operations Group (SOG) had been added to the already massive police deployment in the area. According to press reports, seven Magistrates and 35 Police inspectors had been deployed in the area. Obviously they did not come with any peaceful intent.

Since the past few months, under the general cover of Chidambaram’s ‘war’ against people’s movements, the Maven Patina Govt., under TATA’s tutelage, had again stepped up the attack on Kalinganagar. The affected villages have been effectively cordoned off for months, neither anganwadis, PDS shops nor dispensaries are functioning.

The assault on Kalinganagar tribals is to be viewed in the context of Naveen Pattnaik Govt. signing a large number of MOUs with foreign and Indian corporates for exploitation of mineral resources of Orissa. Police barracks are being constructed in Jagatsinghpur to be used against anti-POSCO protesters. Despite severe violations by Vedanta even admitted by Govt. panel, the Orissa Govt. is extending all help to them. Naveen Pattnaik Govt. is using the might of state to displace the tribals. The direction being taken by this Govt. for Orissa is disastrous for the people of Orissa and their long term interests.

The Kalinganagar tribals have been opposing this long drawn assault on their ancestral lands. To express solidarity with them, to condemn this brutal, heinous assault on them and to demand of Naveen Pattnaik Govt. that all forces be immediately withdrawn from Kalinganagar and the TATA Project be scrapped immediately, please assemble at Jantar Mantar on 1st April (Orissa Day) at 12 noon. We appeal to all revolutionary and democratic organizations and individuals to unitedly raise their voice against the trampling of democratic rights of tribal people. A memorandum signed by all who oppose this brutal attack and stand in solidarity with the fighting people of Kalinganagar will also be submitted to Orissa Govt.

Naujawan Bharat Sabha (NBS)
Delhi Committee

Mrigank (09268708291, 09868854489)
Veerendra (09210186894)
Rajesh (09818834175,09953960163)


  1. Mahi Pritam says:

    Tata Steel Group is among the top 10 steel makers in the world with operations across the globe. With demand for steel becoming stronger, Tata Steel is expanding its production capacity in India and has some Greenfield projects under implementation, including the one at Kalinganagar Industrial complex at Jajpur in Orissa.
    To strengthen the century old relationship between Orissa and Tata Steel, the company signed the MoU for this ambitious steel project at Orissa on November 17, 2004. The MoU was signed by Mr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Principal Secretary (Steel & Mines) on behalf of Government of Orissa and by Mr. B. Muthuraman, the former Managing Director of Tata Steel, in a ceremony at the State Secretariat in Bhubaneswar, in the presence of the Chief Minister of Orissa, Mr. Naveen Patnaik, Chairman of Tata Group, Mr. Ratan Tata, Managing Director of Tata Steel, Mr. H. M. Nerurkar and many other dignitaries.
    As per the MoU, the Government of Orissa agreed to provide 3,471.808 acres of land, which was acquired in 1992 through Industrial Development Corporation of Orissa to set up the steel plant at Kalinganagar. The total number of extended families being rehabilitated for this project will be about 1195.
    Preliminary work focusing on land acquisition, rehabilitation and resettlement work is in progress at the moment. When complete, the Kalinganagar project is slated to bring significant breakthrough in the overall development of the State.
    Relocation of people has an enormous socio-economic & psychological impact. At such vulnerable times, the ‘reassurance’ that life would not only be the same, but much better, is of utmost importance.
    Therefore, Tata Steel recognises the need to handle the resettlement and rehabilitation of project affected families with utmost care. It has designed its R&R. Programme to provide a fair and an innovative compensation package that encompasses all aspects of personal as well as community development. The Company is considering the people displaced by the upcoming Greenfield projects as part of its own family, the ‘Tata Steel Parivar’. The scheme is more focused, with special attention being paid to each individual family.
    4 ‘R’ Theme of the ‘Tata Steel Parivar’ Rehabilitation Scheme includes: –
    · Reassuring Communication – ‘The Vision for a Better Tomorrow’
    · Resettling the Displaced Population with Care
    · Rehabilitation – Ensuring Better Quality of Life, Income & Happiness
    · Re-Check Implementation through self & independent social audits

    Tata Steel’s Resettlement and Rehabilitation policy reaches well beyond the scope of the Government’s R&R policy in order to ensure maximum benefit for the affected families. That includes:

    Proper Communication: – Tata Steel has a strong communication team that tells each family about their benefits and entitlements with active facilitation from all stakeholders with the help of detailed family mapping. Further another team monitors and facilitates the well-being of the members of Tata Steel Parivar.
    Resettling at a New Place: – Every kind of assistance is provided to each family during the process of resettlement. Transit accommodation facilities are provided for comfortable stay till the families build their permanent houses. Transit camps have all the basic amenities like water supply, electricity supply, ration, community space, grain storage facility, children’s recreation park, toilets, welfare office, balwadis, dispensary etc. A welcome package consisting of new clothes / garments for the family members, ration, house hold articles etc is provided to each family. Tata Steel has also constructed three resettlement colonies at Trijanga, Sansailo and Gobarghati keeping the needs of the tribal populace in mind.
    Ensuring Better Quality of Life, Income & Happiness: – In order to ensure visible growth in the lifestyle of the rehabilitated families Tata Steel has created manifold facilities in –

    • Education
    • Health
    • Preservation of Culture & Heritage
    • Women Empowerment
    • Development of Livelihood opportunities
    • Infrastructural development
    Education & Technical Training: – Tata Steel has taken care of the youths of displaced families to ensure a bright future for them. Balwadis and schools are set up for the furtherance of education along with scholarships for meritorious students. Tata Steel has also helped many dropouts in being admitted to various nearby Ashram Schools as well as in Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences in Bhubaneswar, with which the Company has signed a MoU.
    Medical Services: – Tata Steel also provides medical services to the displaced families in the colonies. Medical vans visit colonies regularly with medical supplies and treat the ailing. Critically ill patients are sent to Hi-tech medical College at Bhubaneswar.
    Women Empowerment: – Tata Steel has created 24 SHG groups for the empowerment of women among the displaced families. It provides various livelihood trainings so that women can become self-sufficient. In fact one of the Tata Steel Parivar SHG, Sarjam Sakamb has been felicitated by the Honble Chief Minister for its extraordinary contribution.

  2. Kirti Samanta says:

    Report by Orissadiary correspondent; Kalinganagar:

    Panchayati Raj Institutions members Sukinda and Dhangadi blocks of Jajpur district wherein Kalinganagar Industrial Complex is located condemn vested interests for blocking the development in Kalinganagar.
    They says in a press statement to that it is extremely unfortunate that various activists and self centered vested interests are blocking the development of our Kalinganagar Industrial Complex by using the miscreants of so called Bistapana Birodhi Mancha. The miscreants under the banner of Bistapana Birodhi Mancha have been torturing the local poor tribals and making money for their personal benefits.

    Some local industries are also supporting the miscreants of Bistapana Birodhi Mancha (BBJM) by financing through anti-national activists. These miscreants have never allowed entry of democratic political parties into the red area of Kalinganagar. Even with the help of extreme left parties like CPI(ML) and their associates, the BBJM strongly crticised national leaders like Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Atal Bihari Bjapayee, Lal Krisnha Adavani apart from Naveen Pattnaik in the recent past. They even termed these leaders as “DALALS”. From this it is clear that BBJM is under the control of extreme left wing elements like that of CPI(ML) and their associates and trying to use the mainline political parties like that Congress, BJP, CPI, CPM for getting the support of the people.
    The recent unfortunate death of Laxman Jamuda in Kalinganagar have become rallying point of politics by BBJM and their activists and CPI(ML) friends. We appeal all the Political Parties and clear thinking citizens of Orissa not to again fall into the trap of supporting Bistapana Birodhi Mancha and their extreme left wing activists friends, as substantial foreign funding is coming to these people not to allow Kalinganagar Industrial Complex to grow.

    They said in a statement that we the sarpanches and samiti members of Kalinganagar strongly denounce the opportunistic nasty politics played by the BBJM along with their activists friends to stop our people’s devlopment in Kalinganagar and once again appeal to all mainline democratic political parties not to support them.

  3. Mahi Pritam says:

    Industrialization brings socio-economic development to the society. It provides education, employability with many other parallel facilities like better lifestyle, healthcare system etc. But unfortunately the development of 6 million tonne project by Tata Steel at Kalinganagar is facing much hindrance from a selected group of people having some unusual motive. Tata Steel assures relocation of each and every affected family with better & improved lifestyle.

    Tata Steel has taken the initiative to spread 100% education ( Kalinganagar – Tata Parivar Education) among the tribal people of Kalinganagar, empowered the women to become earning members of the family, providing modernized medical services to the displaced members of Kalinganagar.

    So, when Tata Steel is actually adding benefits to the tribal society of Kalinganagar and even the displaced members themselves are happy with the industrialization, which are the people who do not want development of the Kalinganagar tribal society or does not want the development of our nation?

    Are they competitors of Tata Steel or anti India development group receiving motivation from internationalists?

  4. Prachi Dash says:

    At Kalinganagar, Tata Steel ensures that every member of the Tata Steel Parivar gets the opportunity to assume leadership in generic issues.
    For women in particular, self-help groups are a means of beneficial involvement in economic activities that keep them away from social marginalisation. Little encouragement, support and belief that ‘things are going to be much better’ seems to have done a miracle in shaping the confidence of the tribal women at Kalinganagar rehabilitation colonies of the Tata Steel Project.
    As women play a greater role in the construction of a family, Tata Steel pays special attention to women empowerment initiatives. The life story of Sabita Jamuda of Kalinganagar proves it. Kalinga nagar – Tata Steel Parivar Tejaswinis

  5. Basab Bange says:

    The commitment of Tata Steel towards the rehabilitated Tata Steel Parivar families of Kalinganagar is further emphasized through achievement of Zero infant mortality rate amongst the said families since last five years, which even majority of the developed countries across the globe has not achieved.

    Tata Steel has been focusing on providing proper antenatal, natal; post natal care, new born care and immunization to achieve Zero Infant Mortality rate for the members of Tata Steel Paribar in Kalingangar.

    In India approximately 1.72 million children die before reaching their first birth day. At present the Infant Mortality rate is 69 per thousand live births in Orissa comparison to 53 in India

    The health status of a community is best evident from the health status of children. Continuing its stress on the UN Global Compact vision and renewing its commitment to the initiative and its principles Tata Steel is now stressing upon the zero Infant mortality rate in and around Kalinga Nagar. Infant mortality rate and under five mortality rate are the key indicators which reflects upon the health status of the children. Keeping this in mind an intense effort is being made among the displaced families of Kalinganagar project to avoid any death among the under five children.

    In Kalinganagar, amongst Tata Steel Parivars, it is important to note that among 92 child births last year only 2 child were delivered with low birth weight i.e., <2.5kg. One had birth weight of 2.4kg and the other 2.0kg. No death was reported. Amongst more than 300 babies delivered in last five years only one death occurred due to congenital anomaly.

    During the antenatal period a minimum of three antenatal checkups are done by O&G specialist with additional one checkup during the last 15 days of EDD is ensured in most of the cases. Two doses of TT, 100 tablets of IFA tablets and calcium tablets each are given. Hemoglobin levels, blood grouping and typing are done on a routine basis. In case of detection of anemia additional IFA tablets and nutritional advices are given. In case of any anticipation of complication ultra sonography is carried out with the advice of O&G specialist. As most of the displaced families belong to the tribal communities and literacy levels are low additional care is taken to remind them about their EDD (expected date of delivery) 15 days before the EDD to facilitate institutional delivery in time.

    It is ensured that all the deliveries are institutional. After the delivery at least two post natal checkups are done. The mother is counseled about proper new born care and exclusive breast feeding for six months is propagated. Hundred percent immunization coverage is done among the children and growth monitoring is done till the age of six years. Early detection and treatment of respiratory illness, diarrhea diseases etc are done.

  6. Mukesh Hanshda says:

    Reference information THAT you can trust.
    This video says a lot (

  7. Kanta Babu says:

    Shocking Truth about Rabi Jarika – information of ALL

    After Chakradhar Haibri (Sr), the President of VVJM along with senior leaders accepted the state government compensation and rehabilitation package along with 850 families (out of a total of 1200 families), the general tribals in Kalinganagar want peaceful and sustainable industrialisation.

    But why the balance 3 to 4 leaders of VVJM are not allowing it happen?
    THE REASONS ARE SHOCKING AND STRICTLY PERSONAL IN NATURE. Let us analyse the reasons of Rabi Jarika of Chandia for continuing the agitation

    1. Dabar Kalundia has Rs 5 LAKH per Month contract in nearby industries in Jindals, Visa Steel, Rohit Ferro Alloys in Kalinganagar and he earns a neat amount of Rs 100,000 per month from the contract. Recently Jindals gave him Rs 20 lakh CHANDA to re-install a EHT Electric Tower, which is passing though his village in Chandia.
    2. Orissa High Court has passed orders against him for molesting Basanti Badra – a tribal women in Open Market in Duburi.
    3. Orissa High Court has directed action against Rabi Jarika in case of death of Sanjoy Soi due to 18 months NH 200 blockade by Rabi Jarika and his other friends.
    4. Orissa High Court has passed orders against Rabi Jarika in case of Jagabandhu Tamsay and his aged mother for dacoity, molestation attempt and attempt to murder.
    5. Rabi Jarika is also a conspirator in the muder case of Sridhar Soy of Gobarghati
    6. Rabi Jarika and his late brother have swindled about Rs 50 lakhs of tribal money through a Chit Fund Company during 1992-98. This is period when Kalinganagar tribals first recieved compensation for their land in Kalinganagar.
    7. Rabi Jarika’s links with extreme left wing elements. This has also been confirmed by Rabi Jarika’s mother-in-Law Mrs Sabita Jamuda’s Press Statement in 2008.

    The above are only some of the reasons for which Rabi Jarika wants the agitation at Kalinganagar to continue even if the general tribals are in favour of progress. It is utterly deplorable how members of the ‘Bishtapan Birodhi Jan Manch’ are carrying on atrocities against the innocent people of Orissa and trying to blame industrialists for all their wrongdoings. BBJM has plundered and looted even the simple-most belongings that these people have. As somebody who is honestly hopeful about the future of Orissa I wish that people would see behind the plottings of BBJM and stand against their selfish objectives.

  8. Shelly Rai says:

    We do not want any more agitation. We only want Kalinganagar to be a developed city. This is an appeal from the local people. For details please check

  9. Lingaraj Munda says:

    As a source of information, I came across this link which is an appeal from the tribals of Kalinga Nagar, Jajpur, Orissa to the Human Rights Commission, pleading for intervention to stop the arranged agitations in Kalinganagar. This might show you the other side of the coin.

    Click to access from-the-tribals-of-kalinganagar-jajpur-orissa.pdf

  10. The PR teams and Think-tanks of the TATAS, will do well to remember that Dr, Goebles, despite his strenuous propaganda blitz could not save Hitler, who was having a very powerful war machine at his command, much stronger than the present Indian Govt. Hitler was doomed to fail because of his anti-people policies. Similarly the LPG policies of World Bank stooges are bound to fail, because these are anti-people and anti-national.

  11. Arundhuti Sinha says:

    The peace-loving, simple-minded local people of Kalinganagar in Odisha, have always wanted to progress with the rest of the society to bring an end to their wretched life. They have always supported growth of industries as industrialization always brings in development. But unfortunately, there is a specific group that is strongly up to opposing such industrialization to fulfill their vested interests. They are continuously creating agitations and provoking the local mass against the industrial corporates. Is it a sort of corporate blackmailing? Is there any national level third party involved behind the agitations? What is the motif of that group – simply not to let Odisha develop? This link tells you how the Kalinganagar local people have appealed for peace:

  12. Rajendra das says:

    Tata Steel is providing the benefits beyond the Resettlement and Rehabilitation policy of the State Govt. With a view to improve the benefits further for those families, an independent body called “Grievance Redressal Group” has been formed. Various project have been taken by the company to upgrade the skills of both men & women members of the displaced families. You can get more idea from the given video –

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