Kobad Ghandy

Kobad Ghandy, the Indian Maoist leader who has been arrested, worked in Chattisgarh state, a main centre of rebel activity. Suvojit Bagchi of BBC Bengali met him last year. The following are excerpts from his interview:

Has the Maoists’ emphasis on educating the poor contributed to their rise in Chattisgarh?

We are trying to give basic education through mobile schools. We are teaching children basic sciences, mathematics and indigenous languages. Teams involved in the process are specialising in designing courses for the people who are backward, so that they can learn faster.

We are taking extra care to improve health facilities, as well. We have told the tribals to boil drinking water. It has reduced diseases and death by 50%. Even independent NGOs have said so. Child mortality decreased because we have managed to empower women to an extent.

The level of under-development in these areas is worse than, as some indicators suggest, sub-Saharan Africa.

Are you saying you are not killing but helping people to live?

Yes. But we are defined by the prime minister as the deadliest virus… (laughs)

Why do you think so?

We have a clear-cut definition of development. We think the society is in a semi-feudal, semi-colonial state and there is a need to democratise it.

The first step is to distribute land to the tiller. So our fight is against land grab and exploitation of the poor, especially focusing on rural India.

Is that why you have managed to consolidate so strongly in Chattisgarh?

One important reason why we have managed to consolidate is because we talk about dignity of work.

For example, villagers here collect tobacco leaves to make local cigarettes. This industry runs into billions of dollars. But the daily wage of these tribals was less than 10 rupees a day before we came to Chattisgarh.

That is far less than the daily wage defined by even the government of India. We have forced these contractors to increase this daily wage – we have managed to push it up by three to four times. That is one reason why people like us.

But you have armed wings, don’t you?

I can’t tell you much about that. Because I don’t deal with that and don’t even know their members.

You are talking about development. Will you be open to the government extending development to these areas?

Why not? We have not opposed developmental works here. For example, we did not oppose the building of some schools. But if they build schools to convert those to army barracks – which India always did in various places – we will oppose.

So you will do politics on basis of guns?

Guns is a non-issue. Some villages of Uttar Pradesh or Bihar have got more guns than the entire Maoist force in the country.

What the government or some section fears is our ideology and the society we seek to build up. So we are projected as criminals.

Do you think it is possible to hold on to your bastions in face of a state-led offensive against you?

It’s a difficult battle. But with capitalism and the government colliding with each other – with American economy going into recession and increase of exploitation – we do hope to consolidate.

Will you ever participate in mainstream politics?

No. Because we believe a democracy which respects people, cannot be established in this country.

Coutrtesy: BBC

Kobad Ghandy – An Introduction

A Khoja-Parsi by birth, Kobad Ghandy completed his schooling in India’s elite Doon school and St Xavier’s College in Bombay. He went to London to pursue studies in chartered accountancy.

His friend PA Sebastian told the BBC that it was in England that Mr Ghandy first became involved in political activities.

After returning to Bombay, he was active during Mrs Gandhi’s emergency (from 1975-1977), when democracy was suspended.

Mr Ghandy set up the leading rights group, the Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights (CPDR), along with activist friends like Mr Sebastian and reformer Asghar Ali Engineer.

Mr Engineer remembers how they used to meet at the convocation hall of Bombay University once a week at six pm after office hours.

“He was a thorough gentleman and was very strong in his convictions even then. He regarded the ruling Congress party as a clever bourgeois and capitalist party.”

Throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s Mr Ghandy’s support of communism seemed to increase.

He married activist-academic Anuradha Shanbag and decided to move to Nagpur with her – dedicating themselves entirely to the cause of tribal rights, women’s issues and campaigns on behalf of lower caste people and women.

Anuradha, also a staunch activist, lecturer and member of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) died in April last year after a bout of cerebral malaria.

Her brother, the well-known theatre personality Sunil Shanbag, remembers how the couple made the difficult decision to leave Mumbai as “they felt they were needed more in those areas”.

“The atmosphere of those days was different. There was a great sense of liberation and all of us were swept in. The CPDR used to book tickets in bulk for our plays and there would [always] be a discussion [afterwards]. There was a bridging at this time between art and politics and Anuradha and Kobad were not narrow-minded ideologues. They were very non-judgmental.”

Mr Shanbag said: “His father Adi Ghandy worked in a pharmaceutical company and they lived in an old sprawling flat in Worli. His father was in fact extremely supportive of the cause. He too led a simple life inspired by his son. Kobad had complete support from his family.”


Susan Abraham, another long time friend of the couple, said: “He was committed to the revolution and revolutionary ideals. He came from an upper class background but led a Spartan life. He was tuned with his surroundings. When you see so much inequality, you want so much to change things.

“In the days after the emergency everyone was influenced by activism,” she said, explaining the apparent difference between Mr Ghandy’s background and the life he chose to live.

Activist and writer Jyoti Punwani says it was far from obvious that he had had an elite schooling or foreign education.

“We could not have guessed he was from all these places. His behaviour was very normal and he even laughed about his time spent at the Doon school. They had a huge house but never showed off money. He was leftist and committed to changing the system. He did all his work by himself and did not keep a servant.”

While his jhola (cotton shoulder bag), his self-discipline and his commitment come up often in his friends’ memories, they also mention how he loved mixing with people from all walks of life.

“Kobad and Anuradha gave up their lives to work with the poor but never said anything about it. He was always enthusiastic and he liked to mix with people. He could interact with people from every class and make friends and joke about many things. He is the most unlikely revolutionary, he liked to have fun – he was an ideologue but not an intellectual,” Ms Punwani reminisces.

A police official who has investigated several cases in areas of Maharashtra state where Maoist rebels are active said that Mr Ghandy was also known by the names Kamal and Azad.

“He is a strong ideologue. He has organised demonstrations and written articles and other publicity material,” he said.

“He is a senior in their ranks. Cases are registered against him in Nagpur and Chandrapur. However, charges against him are not of a serious nature,” he said.

Mr Ghandy has been remanded in custody and it is not clear if he will be transferred out of Delhi.

Activists who campaign for the release of political prisoners have started rallying to demand that he is given his legal rights.

Mr Shanbag says some sections of the media may have got it wrong about Mr Ghandy.

“Kobad cannot be called a blood-thirsty terrorist as some in the media are calling him. Somebody has to get real.”

Courtesy: BBC


  1. Yes, this is the Ghandy that the nation requires MOST but he is arrested and the people like Rahul and other Ghandy’s who have even changed their name to Gandhi are enjoying while fooling the masses around. Rahul Gandhy visits a dalit house and is made HERO by the media..Kobad left all his high class society life, thriving day-night for the downtrodden, being one of them by totally de-classing and de-casting himself is termed as traitor of this nation..THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY and if it is so such DEMOCRACY MY FOOT.

  2. Shyam Kherdekar says:

    If this story is true it needs to be appreciated and practiced by entire political class minus its Chinees flavour ( Maoism). We need thousand Ghandy but not not even a single Naxals and Maoist. I hope & pray we produce more Ghandys who participate in Indian democracy to improve it and not act against it. He could have surely been in much better position to do more for those triabals by coming into power through Indian democratic process and not Naxilism. Imagine what a CM/PM of his principles beilifs would have been able to do for all the derived people. But all I could understand about people like him is that they are using cause of poor and unrest & discontent among people as a tool, pretext to bring Maoist ( Chinees) rule in India. China after what they have acheived in Nepal and with American economy becoming weak , has been embolden and wants to make another Tibet out of India. I doubt people like your organization , Indian comunist , Naxal and Maoist are extentions of Chinees agencies who are exploiting the descripancies in Indian society, state & nation to weaken Indian Nation ( not state) and bring in Chinees dominance to India.
    The concern for poor and their cause is a mere eywash, a camoflage to hide the real face , which surfaces time again in form of Voilance such as beheading of inocent people , killing women and children. Which prooves that Maosit are blood thirsty cananballs from hell fire of Maoism. ( I wont mind if you could kidnap all the politcal leaders and make them act in favour poor and in interest of nation). This is not view of few people, across the board people perceive Maoist as enimy of human values and people who are dedicated to cause of spreading Chinees dominance all over the India ( in khameir- rush and Natzi fashion ).
    Ghandy & organization like you have experimented Maoism among illeterate hungry deprived people who unfortunatley hardly been exposed to any form human progress and are most inocenent people who could be molded whichever way Intellect like you would want to. And unfortunatley instead of bringing these people in main stream you have pitted them against people like us who in fact have loads of appreciation for their state and has desire to extend a freindly hand if they wish to lead a self governing free progressive life in their own way whatever they conceive as progressive and not Maoist conceive as liberatting ( like cutting throats is consider leberating in Maoist paralance).
    I heard a maoist stating that they want to hoist red flag and rule Indian state and about an email been circulated to tourist operators in India stating that China needs 2 days to occupy New Delhi . These two events cannot be veiwed in issolation especially in light of continous threats & provocation on Chianees border and increased Maoist activity in red bastion of India and the success Maoist have acheived in Nepal. With China’s increasing military might and India being the only likely state to pose any kind of threat to their econimic and military might in the region, it is but obivousthat the sole benefiary of weaking Indian state is China and this is being done by continous bleeding of Indian resources , which could otherwise be leveraged for development. People like Ghandy& you are helping China to acheive thier designs to achieve dominance on Indian State.
    And by this analogy Ghandy & you guys are traitors. Voices like me percieve State machinary as our security aparatous and view Maoist as yours and let me tell you, your army of Maoist stands no chance against us since on moral, technical, fire power & , popular support front they are no match for Indian military except if they rope in their Chinees and Nepalies , Pakistani ( Al-kayda, taliban, LeT Jaish) freidns to fight. If the do the entire Nation will be up in arms against you
    I am glad that the Indian media and deeds your caders have performed in last few years have generated enough opions and awareness among INDIAN PATRIOTS AND TOLERANT DEMOCRACTIC SOCIETY against Chinees( Maoist) & Stallinist style democracy being promoted by Maoist. With this strong mass support in INDIAN soceity the INDIAN STATE security apparatus is coming into action in full force the Chinees land grabing traitors will be eliminated.

  3. Hai ,Shyam Kherdekar

    In India decmocracy practised by us is really corrupt .
    The system is too shabby that it is not possible for a common man to have equal status and rights that is enjoyed by the previlaged few .Stll money power
    can purchase any thing and common man has no option but to participate in the struggle for thier basic rights and existence .It is like he rights of Fox and a goat .. the goat thinks that it it his right to survive and the fox assumes that the goat is his prey .In inda the average earning per day of for about 70% of persons is below 20 Rs .Dont compare our democracy wih the system in Finland
    or US or britan .Here some select policians travelling in economy class is a news and only a rare intelligentia knows about Kabor Gandhy who is from a rich family, studied in doon school, completed his Chartered accountacy in england
    (with no criminal cases ) and deveoted his life for the cause of power …

  4. Biju N Jacob says:

    Normally We Indians don’t know how to rule.Naxalites are good people,but they are also Indians.For example .Naxals are killing CRPF constables,but they are not ready to kill corupted IAS,IPS officers.Politicians and medias are discussing 2G Scam.but they are not ready to understand what happened to SUKH RAM. 3 CRORE Rupees find out from his puja room.Now his appeal is pending in Supreme Court.he is on bail.Pawar family’s asset is more than one lakh crore,but till this time Naxals did not make any attempts against him.So please study about the problems. and start killing corrupted politicians ,buerocrats and profeesionals.

  5. Hmm it looks like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your weblog. I as well am an aspiring website writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any points for novice website writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

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