RADICAL NOTES IN PRINT NOW!!! Major original contributions in Radical Notes, considerably revised by the authors in response to on-and-off-site comments, are now printed as books and booklets by Aakar Books.

Radical Notes-4 THE SRI LANKAN CRISIS AND THE SEARCH FOR SOLUTIONS by S. Sivasegaram, ISBN – 978-81-89833-85-5, Price: Rs 95.

Radical Notes-3 THE US FINANCIAL CRISIS by Deepankar Basu, ISBN – 978-81-89833-84-8, Price: Rs 50.

Radical Notes-2 NEOLIBERALISM AND HINDUTVA by Shankar Gopalakrishnan, ISBN – 978-81-89833-80-0, Price: Rs 50.

Radical Notes-1 AKHTARUZZAMAN ELIAS – BEYOND THE LIVED TIME OF NATIONHOOD by Pothik Ghosh, ISBN – 978-81-89833-50-3, Price: Rs 50.

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