After Binayak Sen…

A few months back Indian National Security Adviser MK Narayanan lamented that a “large numbers of the intellectual elite and civil liberties bodies provide a backup to the [Maoist] movement in terms of agitprop and other activities. And, the fact that the Maoists “are still able to get support of intellectual classes is disturbing. Unless we can divorce the two . . . [defeating the Maoists] is not that easy.”

Thus the McCarthyite policy of terrorizing the intellectuals continues vigorously. After Chhattisgarh, where Binayak Sen was made an example, Orissa tops the list in repressing activists and intellectuals. The latest is – Nishan’s editor, Lenin Kumar. He is apparently arrested for exposing the fascist forces’ involvement in Kandhamal riots.

Three held in Orissa for publishing inflammatory book

Bhubaneswar (IANS): Three people, including a journalist, have been detained here for allegedly printing and circulating an inflammatory book on the communal violence that Orissa witnessed in August and September, police said Monday.

The book “Dharma Nare Kandhamalare Raktara Banya” (Flood of blood in Kandhamal in the name of religion) is said to have highly objectionable content and copies of it have been seized by the police. The book has been circulated in large numbers in the state, officials said.

“We have detained three people in this connection on Sunday,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Himanshu Lal told IANS.

At least 700 copies of the book were seized from a printing press and those detained include its owner identified as Lenin, who also edits a periodical called ‘Nishan’, an official said.

The printing press has been sealed, the official added.

Civil liberty groups in the state have condemned the police action against Lenin and say the charges against him are false.

Orissa’s Kandhamal district, located some 200 km from here, witnessed widespread communal violence after the murder of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four of his aides at his ashram Aug 23.

While the police blamed Maoists for the killings, some Hindu organisations held Christians responsible for the crime and launched attacks on the community.

Thousands of Christians were forced to flee from their homes after their houses were attacked by rampaging mobs. More than 10,000 people are still living in government-run relief camps in the district. Courtesy:The Hindu

Editor of Nishan detained

BHUBANESWAR, Dec 7: The city police “detained” Mr Lenin Kumar, editor of Nishan, a magazine and raided a printing press raising eyebrows amongst human rights and social activist circles here.

Mr Kumar’s wife, Mrs Sumita Kundu, a social activist and member of the Committee for Release of Political Prisoners decried the “trampling” of human rights and Supreme Court orders by police. “Police ven refused to tell us why they were detaining my husband. They have not told me where they were taking him,” she said. She alleged that policemen entered the house and seized a few items including a CD and pen drive. Strangely, the police also did not divulge anything. “We are taking the items for certain verification,” a police officer said.

Reliable sources said Mr Kumar was first taken to three different police stations in the city. The police has seized booklets published by Mr Kumar on the Kandhamal riots. Courtesy: The Statesman

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