Class in Making?

October 24, 2008. Around 150-200 teachers from various computer teaching institutions (especially Aptech) whose accreditation has been withdrawn by the Delhi Government demonstrated at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. The event was organised by a local NGO. They were demanding the reopening of the closed institutions and the reinstatement of the teachers who are presently unemployed. Their demands also included the determination of the salaries and benefits for the teachers according to the minimum wages set by the government, as teachers were/are getting just Rs. 2500-2750 in these institutions (including in CompCom).

The first level of consciousness – “We are also Human!”

The second level of consciousness – “Down with the Delhi Government!”

The third level of counsciousness – “The nexus between the company and the government!”

And the Sectionalist Contradiction – “Illiterates are getting 4000 and the computer teachers just 2500!”


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